The variety of models that we manufacture together with the diversity of colours to choose from, makes our range of products very extensive. At Paneldeco we can manufacture polyurethane panels in the colour that best matches the rooms to be decorated.

We work both for your home and for commercial and leisure premises, restaurants, shopping centres, gyms, trade fair stands, TV studios, theatres, cafeterias. Any premises that need a change of appearance.

We faithfully reproduce the texture and appearance of wood, natural stone, slate, brick.

We have cladding models of masonry stone, flagstone, limestone, ashlar, rustic brick and facing brick. We can give them a new or aged look, depending on the client's taste.

Our imitation wood beams are an exact reproduction in black ebony, chestnut or walnut finish.

The weight and dimensions of our panels allow them to be installed by one person. They are fixed directly to the wall with screws, without the need for mortar, cement or glue. In this way, the initial surface is not damaged.

Due to their lightness, they can be installed on plasterboard walls.

The beams are nailed directly to the dowels which are installed in line with the ceiling. The dowels are prepared according to the size of the inner hole of the beam, so that the beam fits perfectly.

We prepare the orders with everything necessary for finishing, such as putty and colour for touching up and for covering small joints and screw holes. Installation is quick, easy and clean.

Our material does not spread fire. We use polyurethane foam and coatings, Euroclass type B2 and Type A1 interior insulation.

Polyurethane is used inside the walls of cold rooms and in construction, among other uses, due to its high thermal insulation coefficient.

Due to its structure, it is a good acoustic insulator, both in interior resonance and in transmission between rooms. PU absorbs and reduces the transmission and echo of sound waves thanks to its micro-cell foam. It is used as an interior lining in recording studios with special shapes, pores, hardnesses and densities. It also acts as an electrical insulator.

Polyurethane panels with a water absorption of less than 1% after 180 hours submerged.

Depending on the intended use, each Paneldeco panel is manufactured with the appropriate polyurethane density to obtain the best quality and the best performance. We can vary the density of the polyurethane, from the lowest (35kg/m3) to densities of more than 750kg/m3.

The weight of our decorative panels ranges from 5.3kgs to 7.4kgs, with very high strength. Paneldeco manufactures polyurethane panels for wall cladding, which are very easy to install.

We are committed to an excellent composition and high density of polyurethane, which gives the panels the necessary stable and homogeneous surface hardness, with optimum physical and mechanical performance of the piece.

Our stone panel resists extreme temperature changes with variations of between -25º and + 80ºC, as well as freeze-thaw cycles.

The passage of time does not deteriorate the pieces. Its closed pore surface allows easy cleaning with water. No chemicals need to be used for cleaning. The coefficient of expansion is very low.

Insensitive to water, it has practically no capillarity or moisture absorption. It maintains a certain permeability to vapour pressure.

Good behaviour against acids and alkalis.

It does not rot, and is immune to termites, ants and other insects.

At Paneldeco we can faithfully reproduce a diversity of pieces and materials: stone, wood, leather, embossed surfaces, design coverings, etc. We can materialise any design while maintaining the original volumes and textures, taking care of the smallest detail.

Since its formulation in the 1940s, its usefulness has grown considerably, as it has been adapted to a multitude of needs. Polyurethane (PU) is a product that is harmless to people, very widespread and versatile. It is used in many fields and in thousands of applications such as paints, elastomers, wheels, glues, toys, upholstery or wood protection. It is found in our homes, clothing, car interior panels, shoe soles, sealants, packaging, gaskets, preservatives, in the furniture industry, in construction and in countless other places.