Citerius SL is a company dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of polyurethane products: decorative panels with insulating properties, beams, frames, custom-made products. Our panels faithfully imitate brick, stone, concrete and wood. We have different finishes and any colour. Our experience in the manufacture of polyurethane products has been handed down to us since 1973.

We take care of all the details to achieve a final appearance that is very pleasing to the eye. We always try to adapt to the tastes of our customers. Our XL panels make laying easier thanks to their format: in much less time and with half the number of joints than with other panels of less than 1 m2, a more natural and real look is achieved. The development of new formats, products and colours allows us to adapt to the needs of the market.

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Display by typology: imitation brick; imitation stone; imitation wood; imitation concrete; decorative beams;

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